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Welcome to our online catalog and thank you for choosing F&D Tool Company Inc. for your cutting tool needs.

Founded by Frank Falk and John Duda, Jr. in 1939 as a machine rebuilding company in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, F&D quickly began to build a reputation of excellence and expanded the business to become a manufacturer of standard and special cutting tools.

Today, F&D continues to adapt to the changing needs of its customers and is actively reinvesting in machining and other technology to help stay current with the latest innovations in the cutting tool field.  F&D offers state of the art carbide and carbide tipped cutters that are designed and manufactured using the latest CAD software in a completely renovated engineering and milling department with its products being reviewed and tested in an improved quality control department.

For 78 years, F&D has been a pioneer in the cutting tool industry.  F&D began with a commitment and philosophy to produce superior quality products at competitive prices with a focus on customer satisfaction.  Over the past three decades, under the leadership and management of attorney and electrical engineer Philip Duda, F&D President, F&D continued to adhere to, and improve upon, that commitment and philosophy.  Today, and as F&D moves into the future, the company and its third generation leader, Cort Duda, Boston College graduate and Vice President of F&D, will honor and continue the traditions and philosophy upon which F&D was founded while maintaining and embracing flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of its customers and innovations in the industry.

F&D is proud to have served its customers and the tooling industry for over 78 years as a reliable and trusted manufacturer of cutting tools and looks forward to continuing to serve existing and new customers now and in the future.

Please contact us by phone at (800) 338-6650, by fax at (413) 289-1701, or by email at fdtoolco@gmail.com.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to working with you.

Philip M. Duda
F&D Tool Company

Cort Duda
Vice President
F&D Tool Company

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